Be Happy

by Patrolled By Radar

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released June 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Patrolled By Radar Los Angeles, California

Based in Los Angeles - Original Rock n Roll , Alt-Country, Rhythm & Blues, Garage, Folk - Jay Souza aka RJ Bloke (Vocals, Guitar) - Bosco Sheff (Guitar, Vocals) - Ben Johnsen (Drums, Vocals)

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Track Name: Widow Next Door
(J. Souza)

this turpentine has got a hell of a grip
i'm going legally blind at a rapid clip
i'm gonna steady my mind
anchor my sinking ship in your bay
cause i can't tell the time
or get up off the floor
i'm takin a shine to the widow next door

takin a shine to the widow next door
she's got a gal of nine
and a boy of four
lost her man to a mine
out in the war last may
and when she says to me
this world is rotten to the core
i take a shine to the widow next door
Track Name: New Fight Song
(J. Souza)

madam you're a palindrome
no one's home and the lights on
shining on the fall of rome
the mouths foam
and the blight is on

what are we thinking of
don't you know
won't be long now
so let's all fall in love
write the words
to a new fight song

my skull was cracked
like a cathedral dome
by a poem from a bygone
making speeches from a catacomb
the leech has grown
into a python

what are we thinking of...
Track Name: Dressed For The Drought
(J. Souza)

i met an old forest ranger
in a naugahyde bar
after the whisky
then he told me true
he said i never had a tree
bold lie to me
the way them there
bush's do
now you're walking
like you're tumbling
north over south
you look like you've been
punched in the mouth
all the flowers
on the neon avenue
are perfectly dressed for the drought
perfectly dressed for the drought
we're not impressed
when the truth comes out
we don't care anymore
we don't know where to begin
we're perfectly dressed for the drought
we're in

i day dreamed a home movie
where the troubadour dies
and when my life
flashed before my eyes
it took less than a minute
because you were not in it
i would like you
to apologize
when they found the dead dream
buried under my house
this little town began to
twist and shout
my whole world was locked
inside a cuckoo clock
and i vanished
in a shadow of doubt
Track Name: Pachyderm
(J. Souza)

we are pollinating in the sun
mean no harm to no one
operating on our own high

you are waving at catastrophe
well the same goes for me
we are eager to be
gun shy
one day you'll die

one day you'll die
just a pachyderm with a tie on
liability and over reaction
to rely on

one day you'll die

come on occupy this latest craze
move away from the maze
never grieving the days
gone by
one day you'll die
Track Name: Coat Of Disappointment
(J. Souza)

she took ten years
to disappear
now she's resting
in an atmosphere
where she can breathe
i love the drugs
i'm ingesting
how i wish she were here
to disagree
it hurts
it must have hurt her
more than me

i wear a coat
of disappointment
it's the cruelest thing
i've ever owned
my soul's been worn down
my heart's in a hole
in the ground
i loved her more
than anyone i've ever known
now it hurts
it hurts
to be alone

i sat and cried last night
before the stone
that bears her name
i planted a flower
in the rain
now i'm waiting
for the sun
Track Name: Fast Life Slow Death
(J. Souza)

fast life slow death
save for the strife
and loneliness
best get your system down
down down down
i've faded memories
of my past life
here's to my fast life
and my slow death

fast life slow death
i'd like to change
some things i guess
these things will kill you now
now now now
bottle be my therapy
every last night
don't shine no flashlight
on my slow death

i heard them say
in the room as i left
they said it's about time
Track Name: Haywire
(J. Souza)

i place the early blame on parades
for this short attention span
girls scouts clowns and marching bands
all you need is a walk through
even now
i'm caught in a trap
that i do not understand
if i chew off my own hands
in an effort to shock you
i couldn't hold my liquor now

hey haywire
you're not in love with me
i'm just a way to keep busy
like occupational therapy
you stole my crayons from the shelf
to draw attention to yourself

today will be yesterday tomorrow
right now will be remember when
you went completely off the deep end
nobody caught you
you were diving board
you spend your days in a cast
well i'm through signing
get well soon
i only wish to leave the room
with everything that i bought you
cause you're just getting sicker now

hey haywire
Track Name: Carried Away
(J. Souza)

felines wailing
in a pre-dawn exercise
forcing open both my eyes
after sailing
across the open water
into the desert sun
i stumbled into the fray
and the darkest day
ever begun

i wouldn't want to be
the president
don't want to be
the pope
i need finances and residence
allowances for dope
in this one time
exciting offer
consolidated all my dreams
into one
i stumbled into the fray
and the darkest day
ever begun

i know it's all the same
to you
everyone is looking for
the thing they were meant
to do
i'll sit and sing
a lonesome song
until i'm carried away
and gone
Track Name: Be Happy
(J. Souza)

i was sitting in the dark
of a broken amusement park
wringing hands
trying to stand
trying to flee
you were dancing on the grave
of a day too late to save
holy smokes
you're out of jokes
you're out of key

i only want you to be happy

i said i love you
for lack of a better word
she said that's the worst lie i've ever heard
then she started to slap me
i said i've been trained
in the metallurgic arts
i'm going to carve my name
in your cold steel heart

i only want you to be happy

you think this life ain't worth the paper it's printed on
you think your life ain't worth the paper it's printed on
ah well, i only want you to be happy
talkin' about your chemistry
i only want you to be happy
your happiness is elementary

i only want you to be happy
Track Name: Walking
(J. Souza)

adolf had his own little eva
he was way too busy to please her
though he could control the police state
she was out walkin the dog
all over town

johnny dreamed of mexican horns
a ring of fire was there in the mornin
he thought june was making him pancakes
she was out walkin the dog
all over town

i want satisfaction
but i don't know what to do
about psychotic reaction
in my brain

people say that time is a teacher
and you should bring pain
to the preacher
but i renounce god
before dawn breaks
i'm out walkin the dog
all over town