Cool Your Jets

by Patrolled By Radar

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Album Review by Dennis Cook - Dirty Impound

Put on Cool Your Jets, the new album from under-sung Los Angeles club veterans Patrolled By Radar, and the longer it spins the more it casts a spell, the ideal band for an imaginary saloon where Highway 61 Revisited-era Dylan hobnobs with a fresh faced Doug Sahm and a gaggle of curious night dwellers shuffling contentedly as they try to make sense of this wicked world.

Patrolled By Radar moves with barroom honed muscle, a group that’s earned their stripes fighting for attention over clinking glasses, cell phone tapping, and post-work chatter. And PBR’s songs really do snag one’s focus, though often in sly ways, the fun and skip of them in the foreground with all sorts of cool, thoughtful bits bouncing around in the background. This band swings hard but backs up their punches with brains and a well-seasoned perspective on the ways of men.

That their latest release ends with a pitch perfect rendition of Randy Newman’s “Ghosts” just signals songwriter-singer-guitarist Jay Souza’s kinship with that insightfully jaundiced, perversely romantic American treasure. Souza uses language with the same humor dipped scalpel sharpness as Newman with occasional flashes of genuine good humor – “Rally” on the new album is a shit-day mood-enhancer of the highest order. And the whole band – Bosco Sheff (guitar), Preston Mann (organ, piano), Ben Johnsen (drums, vocals) and Peter Curry (bass) – serves the songs in an integrated way that’s short on solos and long on a warmly enveloping group dynamic.
Cool Your Jets reminds one of Americana’s first great flowering, an album that sits comfortably next to Wilco’s A.M., The Jayhawks’ Hollywood Town Hall and Son Volt’s Trace – all worthy descendents of the roots-influenced, energized, off-handedly skillful rock tributary stemming from The Band. Like the best children of Levon, Robbie, et al. Patrolled By Radar possesses a unique, hard to pin down individual spark, extenders of a tradition rather than mimics, where something heartfelt and quietly moving wanders the curved roads and smoky haunts of their tunes. Heck, even ol’ Lawrence Welk makes a champagne cameo so you know it’s good!


released July 29, 2014

JAY SOUZA vocals guitar
PRESTON MANN organ piano
BEN JOHNSEN drums vocals

all songs written by J. Souza except "Ghosts" by R. Newman
engineered/recorded/mixed by PETER CURRY
at Powow Fun Room, Los Angeles, CA
mastered by PRESTON MANN
artwork Merry Young - Mutiny Studios, Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Patrolled By Radar Los Angeles, California

Based in Los Angeles - Original Rock n Roll , Alt-Country, Rhythm & Blues, Garage, Folk - Jay Souza aka RJ Bloke (Vocals, Guitar) - Bosco Sheff (Guitar, Vocals) - Ben Johnsen (Drums, Vocals)

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Track Name: Died With Money
(J. Souza)

i died with money
on the i-team
there's no me in shame
kept my guns on
all night long
when they read my name
there were those who thought
i had a few loose scruples
still others knew a fiend
with bad form
they traded tales
of how I'd done them wrong
i was never seen as warm
but i died with money

i left the giant fox
to root out the witches
took the elephant ride
with king james
i never felt the need
to get along
i may now be in flames
but i died with money
Track Name: Grain Of Sand
(J. Souza)

mental illness doesn't run in your family
it crawls quietly
give them a goodbye kiss
you don't need currency
come to the city
i make plenty of green
at the village idiot bar
i live above a dry cleaner
to the stars
and i've got room for you

scratch ticket tears on the bar
shaving years off
with a nickel with a dime
obituary readers and fat bottom feeders
drinkers thinkin in the day time
outside a bicycle messenger dodges cars
i fear the ghost of a dream
that once was ours
inside i wish for you
to be here

you better get out while you can
you're a pretty little grain of sand
pretty little grain of sand
Track Name: Rally
(J. Souza)

bathe in the unsavory glow
overthrown by microwaves
come a day you will be saved
and seldom seen
have you ever wanted to know
how to get out of here
take a road
take a wave
take a stream
take a friend

hold your hands in a circle
when you can't get squared away
hold your hands in a circle
it's not the end of the world
it's just the end of the day

rally round the bubble machine
you know the air is clean
inside each one
it takes one
to know one's
gonna stay

hold your hands in a circle
when you can't get squared away
hold your hands in a circle
it's not the end of the world
it's just the end of the day

we had it wrong all along
Track Name: Lost Cause
(J. Souza)

keep your shirt on
cool your jets
you've been running fast enough
ain't seen nothing yet
is your mind gone
you ain't seen the last of love
cause it's standing here
where anybody can sing
sing a hallelujah

find a lost cause
keep a thought in your head
gonna right the whole thing now
gonna get out of bed
lunatic like a time bomb
gonna give you a kiss
on the surface we're remaining calm
gonna get out of this
anybody can sing
sing a hallelujah
Track Name: El Norte
(J. Souza)

mama used to fill in at the donkey show
she said you're half a jackass
i think you should go
you know the pure will kill you if you stay
send us money from the u.s.a.
take your broken heart to el norte

mad hallucinations on the border run
before a water station in the desert sun
i got run down by a militia guard
the sand drank up his blood i sped away
across the border in his chevrolet

i miss you mama
you told me i should go

written on the inside of your mind's eyelid
all you ever said and all you ever did
la raza nunca llora y yo estoy aquí (the race never cries and i am here)
el amor sobre el dinero para mí (love over money for me)

i miss you mama
you told me i should go
Track Name: Fool
(J. Souza)

born on the very first day
of a month between march and may
down a primrose path i took
i saw wool everywhere i looked
deaf and blind
to your every admonition
hello it's me
simple simon's son
don't you know a fool
when you see one

bound to love and leap
before i looked
i believed in every hand i shook
now my faith's been replaced with dismay
and counterfactualistic repartee
came a time
when i could see my own reflection
i know it's me
i know what i've done
don't you know a fool
when you see one
Track Name: Hate Talkin'
(J. Souza)

you've never had an original thought
in your whole life
and you're a low life
you're fat you're no fun
when you let your mouth run
you're a big yawn
you sound like a moron
but wait i'm not through
i really hate talkin to you

you're a loud ass clown
why don't you flush yourself down
you'll be doing the right thing
if you should reproduce
it would be child abuse
i say spare us your offspring
wait i'm not through
i really hate talkin to you

i wish you the worst
nobody cares how you're feeling
you might think so
but we're concealing
what we know to be true
really hate talkin to you
Track Name: Do You Know A Love Song
(J. Souza)

do you know a love song
one that rights all wrong
where all good intentions
keeps our powder dry
where we could subsist
just on this contact high

don't say you weren't cryin
you know i could hear you
on the last day of summer
i want to be near you
this world's changing form
how will we ever keep warm

do you know a love song
do you know a love song
there's got to be
one we can sing
when we can't get along

don't say you're not leavin
i've got a gut feelin
cause everyone's buying you drinks
kiss me on the head
and then leave me for dead

do you know a love song
do you know a love song
there's got to be
one we can sing
when we can't get along
Track Name: Velocipede
(J. Souza)

we are adept at building bridges
we've strained relations with the man
we are of faith but not religious
we have an exorcism planned
so don't delay or you'll be sorry
ideas are walking off to war
don't you know your mind's a quarry
and that's all we're living for

so weld your own velocipede
turn your fuel cells to the sky
universal donors bleed to save
the under-qualified

we've several rebel farms that feed us
they're raising locusts in their labs
monsanto's monster wants to eat us
they're taking names and keeping tabs
so keep clandestine all our efforts
and we'll keep sunshine in our souls
we are in dire need of converts
whose roots are deep in rock n roll

weld your own velocipede
Track Name: Ghosts
(R. Newman)

Stay with me for a little while
You've nowhere to go
And I've nowhere to go
It makes me so happy
When you smile At me
Work all your life
And you end up with nothing
Live in one room like a bum
Once I flew in a plane
And I fought in a war
We lived in a castle
And slept on the floor
And I don't want to be
All alone anymore I'm sorry
Out in the street
There's little colored kids playing
Where my own little boy used to play
So I sit in this chair
And I ache with the gout
And I talk to myself
'Cause I'm scared to go out
And I just want to know
What was it all about I'm sorry